Monday, January 14, 2008

In Hubli

Spent the night in a guest house in Mumbai and the next day, after no sleep, we went to see a local temple. We offered flowers and our team leader, Bernie, had the priest return his offering with a baby coconut which is considered auspicious (good). We then got our flight on an ATR 27 to Hubli where we were received by the Rotary Club here with a little ceremony in the terminal. We then travelled to our host homes by car. My host home is two doctors, a sport injury (orthopedic) doctor and an anesthesiologist who own a small multi-specialty hopital next door. The whole three story hospital is not much bigger than my house in NJ. It is very basic in comparison to ours but has everything one could need. I got a brief tour. It has an ICU, a casualty and resuscitation room (ER) three operating rooms, one for minor procedures, one for abdominals and gyn, and one for ortho. It is just incredible. Today is Red Monday of a festival to celebrate harvest and spring coming. We visited a home of other Rotarians and exchanged sweets. Then we came home for a bit then went to a wedding reception for two doctors.I was bad and ate street food at the reception, but only the food the doctors (my hosts) said was okay to eat! So far I am okay. I am definitely not going to lose weight here! India is all about food. And the food is really good! It is much better than the driving. The streets are choas with people cutting in and out and honking constantly. But there doesn't seem to be any road rage and I haven't yet seen an accident. The people walk anywhere and I felt really weird walking down the middle of the road in Mumbai and dodging honking cars. You wouldn't dare do it in NYC or you'd get hit. Or given the finger. There are stray dogs everywhere and I have been careful to avoid them. They are as common as squirrels in NJ. Some people do keep dogs as pets and I saw a yellow lab at one point but it's rare I'm told.
Well, it's after midnight (Monday going into Tuesday) here and I gotta get up at 0800. Good night for now.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to here more about the hospitals over there when you come snow to speak of last night..they lie..good talking to you today..i had no one to go to breakfast with this am.. they went with out me i was at the doctors...keep us posted on everything..hope to talk too you tomorrow...Deb

Karen M said...

How interesting (all of it)! And how brave you are eating street food... good thing for street savvy hosts to help with good choices. We love to eat at a local Indian restaurant. We see lots of Indian folks eating there, so we think it's probably at least somewhat traditional fare. I wonder how the food is compared to any Indian food you've eaten in the States? (Of course, the food in Chinese restuarants in America is nothing like that in China...) Loved reading about the hospital next door. Can't wait to read more.

Vickie said...

Sounds like you have gotten no sleep. It also sounds like your just going from party to party! Don't drink the water!!! Working dogs today. Going to try Bowser out today, see if he can earn his keep!! Girls were the stars of the class last night. I hope to learn everything about India, from your experiences. Miss You-Vickie

Anonymous said...

Hey Misty,You fit right in with the people.I'm glad your enjoying your tour.Will talk soon.Love Your Sister,Cheryl

Dian said...

My goodness! You certainly ARE a busy ambassador. We're enjoying your journal so very much.

We think your choice of shirts is very becoming...the turquoise is such a nice color for you. By the way, maybe you could explain the custom of the red dot on the mid-

Looking forward to more of your photos and adventures.

Hugs from the homeland,


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