Saturday, January 19, 2008

January 17, 2008 Visvesvaraya Technical School

After the alumina factory we had lunch then travelled to the VTU. This is a very difficult school to gain entrance to as a student. The entrance exam is quite tough and your caste and financial resources plays a factor. It was a very beautiful university. Thankfully, by the time we got here my camera was working again. On the way to the Alumina factory I had leaned back on it when it was in my belt pouch when I think it had turned on and I heard a crunch and the lens was then having serious issues with retracting and zooming to the point I couldn’t turn it off or take a photograph. I played with it for a bit pressing the button and pulling the lens in and out and now it works but makes a little noise. I really hope it is going to be okay. The architecture was fairly simple but beautiful here and the technology very advanced. They have a very advanced use of computer conference online classes. We were able to see a demonstration of a class. Everything was made with teakwood and the grain was magnificent and rich. We were not able to meet the Vice Chancellor as he was in a meeting. They did turn on the water fountains just for us so we could see the peaceful ambiance although they usually turn them on after 1800.

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