Saturday, January 19, 2008

January 16, 2008 Our health

So far 3/5 of us have had some kind of medical problem. Before leaving and all the way to Mumbai, Jennifer was quite ill to the stomach due to side effects from her anti-malaria pills, Rajeev developed pain in his ankle which has been diagnosed as bursitis initially, then an insect bite a few minutes later, and ultimately a sprain which is currently wrapped and doing better. Now he feels as though he has a fever and chills. I have very swollen feet like balloons that won’t fit in my sneakers with some red rash spots on the top of the one foot. Rajeev’s host, who is reported to be one of the best doctors in the area and a surgeon, looked at my feet for me and determined it is probably a delayed result of the 18 hour flight and some kind of allergic reaction. He gave me some kind of pill which I read the packaging for but couldn’t tell exactly what it was other than a combination of three modern, commercial medications. He said it would take the swelling down and told me to put some ointment on the spots. So my host, Mukumb, gave me a steroid cream which I put on my foot which was starting itch just a little. Otherwise I feel fine, just really tired.

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