Sunday, January 20, 2008

January 19 Sugar cane factory

Here is a sugar cane factory in comparision. These are very common in this area as sugar cane is one of the top crops here. Also a passing photo sugar cane which appears to be about 15 feet or so high. Also included a photo of sugar cane on the way to the factory by cart. A very common sight on the highway!


Fernya said...

Hi Misty,

Bet you could smell that sugar cane burning for miles. We appreciate the simplicity of the India life in the country. And what an interesting contrast to the phone situation, cells everywhere. Hrmpff. Makes the world a tiny place doesn't it?? Well we are glad for you experiencing this lovely culture.


kishpaughc said...

Hi Misty, I think the sugar cane burning negates the clean burning power plants. I am enjoying the photos. Stay healthy Love Chris