Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January 15, 2008 Indian flags

Our team was greatly honored by the opportunity to visit and view Indian flag making. The Indian government only permits this one place to make the Indian flag and access is restricted, from my understanding. We saw the whole process from washing the cotton, drying it, spinning it, putting the thread on shuttles and spindles, weaving the material, and the dye vat. Much of it was done by hand except the spinning. But even that had women working on the machines to thread them and tie knots. We were then taken into another room and presented with skeins of the yarn around our necks and specially dyed squares of fabric for our shoulders. We were very honored. And of course, more biscuits!

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Alaina said...

Hi misty! It looks like your having a great time! Your page is very interesting and was fun to read! keep us updated