Sunday, January 20, 2008

January 20 flowers

It's the little things in life. At Bernie's host's home I saw this pretty arrangement of flowers floating on water.


Jen said...

Hi Misty,
The pictures and your commentary are incredible. You seem to be having an amazing journey, what an opportunity. It's great that we can check in and see what you have been up to, looks like you are keeping busy, hope you are feeling better. I hadn't visited the site in a few days and was just catching up to find out that you had been ill, so sorry. No fun being sick in a foreign country. We think of you often and can't wait to hear about your travels in person. Take good care of yourself. You are in our thoughts and Prayers. Love, Jen, Frank and Katelyn.

Jen said...

Hi Misty,
me again. I forgot... Haley says "hi". I forgot her in my original message. Sorry, Jen

Vickie said...

I'm waiting for more "Misty" pics. I would have even settled for the swollen feet! I'm very curious to know about the flower arrangement. was that one flower or was that a collection of different flowers? Did they smell sweet, or no odor?

Fernya said...

Oh Misty,

How beatiful are the flowers. It appears to be carefully arranged with leaves, etc. Great Pix. Such facinating shots of life in India.

We are so glad you are having this marvelous experience and allowing us to peek along the way.

Glad you are feeling better. Great chatting today.

Love, Fern & Bill

Deb said...

Bring me home some flowers they are just breath taking, i have never seen anything like that..Deb

Anonymous said...

Misty -5!!!!!!!!!!! perscriptions??????? No natural cures like lemon and honey tea or osha or salt water gargle with candeling for the ears???? Judi

"J" 'n "J" said...

Hey Girl - Just thinking about you and hoping you are over your illness and enjoying you time in India. I can't believe you're half way through your visit. Keep in touch - love ya much "J" 'n "J"