Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January 15, 2008 Indian food

After visiting the ayuvedic hospital, we chose to skip lunch because we were all full. That seems to be all they do here, feed us! biscuits (kind of like ritz crackers) and tea with buffalo milk is served at every gathering along with other things like a filo and vegetable pastry, nuts, and other things I'm not sure what they are. Some taste good and some don't! All are vegetarian so far. :) The photo is of Bernerd Roonie, our team leader, eating a nut that is supposed to freshen your breath after a meal. It is very hard and astringent, like sucking on a tea bag. None of us really liked it and drank lots of water to swallow its bitterness!
Most of the food is eaten with the fingers by using a flat bread to scoop up the food. It can get a little messy. The photo is of me tonight at about 2200 (10pm local time) in the middle of a dinner that my hosts took me out to have. We ate out on the lawn and there was a huge 20' TV playing for all to see. None of us could figure out what the movie was supposed to be about. It seemed quite violent and sexual both. My hosts said that indian movies have a lot of romantic dancing in them and this one certainly did. Both of my hosts ended up freezing to death outside since it is winter and they don't like the 65 F temperature! I was fine!

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh yes the food. Takes some getting used to but is very good. Our brand of it is mild but the real thing is great. love saag paneer made with goat and cheese. also biriani. enjoy-get some recipes to play with! its fun.judi