Saturday, January 19, 2008

January 19 Questions answered

I have gotten a chance to read some of your comments to my posts, thank you! It is good to hear from everyone in America!
First, the red dot on the forehead: Yes it can be a sign that a woman in married but if she is wearing tiny black seed beads around her neck, that is a more definitive sign of marriage. It also can be a thing of fashion. It can be red or be combined with yellow or be a stick on sparkle. The one you may see me wearing, a dot or a stripe, is for fashion…no I am not married! Yet. J
Going barefoot: It is customary to leave the footwear at the door of the house, temple, certain areas of a hospital and other public buildings. If in doubt, I just look to see if there is a pile of shoes at the door. My sneakers I bought for walking are just taking up room in my suitcase and my dress flats are getting worn out!
1200 people: I won’t be speaking in front of that many people until February 1 or 2. I’ll let you know how it goes. Hopefully the throat is better by then!
Yes, the idea when lecturing is to picture the audience naked, not me! LOL


Vickie said...

Thank God, you finally signed on-starting to get worried.You need for us to send you some drugs? I hope your taking care of yourself, I remember how sick you got last time, when you had bronchitis. But at last the next chapter. This is so interesting, I'm learning so much, from reading about the "Adventures of Misty in India". I can actually visualize what it is you are describing. I won't need to go there, cause I feel like I am there. Get some rest if you can, and keep us up to date. Love ya- Vickie

"J" 'n "J" said...

We're hooked too.We love hearing about your adventures and hope the by the time your receive this you are feeling much much better. Keep in touch Love ya' much "J" 'n "J"

Anonymous said...

Well it took you long enough, but i wasn't worried i knew what was going on..Everything sounds so interesting you are so lucky with everything that you are seeing and learning..Get that thought out of your head about "i could live here"...Hope you feel better soon and please try and get some rest. Miss ya love ya Deb