Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jan 15, 2008 Visit to ayurvedic hospital

This morning we had orientation to the

GSE program at the Dubwad Rotary Club. Then we visited the office of the one member and met a bunch of people, I'm not really sure who they were as I had a little bit of difficulty understanding them. I know some were planners and one was very important in the community, something like our mayor, I think.

We then visited the Shri C. B. Guttal Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital (pictured above) and received a tour. they use massage and oils, detox with leaches, steam baths, and other alternative techniques. It is very popular in India but I had my doubts when they claimed to be able to create the sex of the baby up to 2 1/2 months into the pregnancy by putting oils in the pregnant woman's right nostril for a female baby and the left for a male baby. They claim to have an 80-90% suscess rate. We asked about the x/y chromosome research and they shrugged and replied that it all factored in. The photo shows the massage table in the front and the steam table in the background. The other photo shows the leaches in their little tanks waiting to be applied to a wound to suck out the toxic blood.

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